Alan Brouilette, 36, enjoyed a brief cease-fire with his own psyche’s relentless engine of criticism and self-doubt Wednesday, allowing him to assemble his freelance writings into a site designed to display his skills to his best advantage.

Since leaving ABC Radio in 2005 after an eight-year tenure as a producer and Internet Director, both positions at which he was seen as highly successful by everyone except himself, Brouilette busied himself by running his family’s business, and by writing advertising, scripts, and articles.  His work has appeared in newspapers in both Chicago and Florida, and he has just wrapped up a very successful two-year run as a comedy writer for the “The Roe Report,” a daily radio feature heard by over three million people a week on thirty-one stations nationwide.  Roe Report host Roe Conn says of Brouilette’s work, “His overwhelming self-hatred makes his irony razor sharp,” a compliment Brouilette half-heartedly disputes.

Despite Brouilette’s tenacious and exhausting whining that his work is rarely fit for anything better than bathroom tissue – “Not even the good quilted stuff,” says Brouilette – he has successfully supported himself entirely by writing for a solid three years.  This unprecedented run of personal achievement and professional success led the self-deprecating scribe to grudgingly admit that he was “perhaps on to something with the whole ‘being-funny’ thing.”  Family and friends privately speculate about late-onset maturity, while the tiresome subject himself suspects an undiagnosed medical problem, possibly a brain injury or cognitive disorder.

Determined to make the most of it, and for once fighting off regular hammer-blows of self-doubt, Brouilette decided to create an online resume and portfolio site, something the tiresome, moody Broadcast Journalism major described as having “seemed like a good idea for five minutes, then slowly became obviously too cute by half, and finished with me hating it beyond the power of metaphor.”  Despite his disgust, he persevered, and now invites you to browse his body of work.

Reports of a complete conversion to insufferable self-congratulation were unconfirmed at press time.


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