Southdata Training Video

This is a training video for a condominium management company that I co-wrote and co-produced.  The client granted permission to post the script but not the final video. 

Welcome to SouthData’s Associa FlexBill Statements training.  This short, step-by-step video will show you how easy it is to place an order for Associa Statements using our state-of-the-art online processing.

(The following read tracks the process in real-time)

Log on to southdata-dot-com using your username and password.  Once you are securely logged in, you are able to access your unique client homepage at SouthData.

Select the FlexBill Center button at the top left of the available selections.

Then, select the “Order Associa FlexBill Statement” option in the middle of the screen.

This option brings you into the FlexBill ordering tool for Associa Color Statements.

The first step in placing your order is to select the appropriate product from the drop down menu, here.  Be sure you select the correct product!

Now it’s time to upload the data files.  The filename needs to match this name-and-date format in order for the data to be imported into your statements correctly.  To upload your files, click on each of the Load Data File links, and select the files you wish to upload.  Once you have selected the three required files, your upload is complete, and you may proceed to the next step.

We’ve even included a sample file format so you see which document you’re currently uploading.

The whole process is super easy and user friendly!

Once you’ve uploaded your files, you can add a letter or notice to be sent with your statement order.  Simply click on the link and upload the PDF document of your choice, Should you choose to, you can even add special instructions, such as holding an order for up to 40 days.   This allows you the convenience of planning your mailings well in advance!

Once you’ve selected your Product and uploaded your files, click on the green Next button at the bottom left side of the page.

The last step, if you choose, is to add a custom message for your owners.  If your “Assoc File” includes a correctly formatted text message, the message will appear here on your sample statement.  Space is limited, so write carefully!

If you do choose to enter a message, you do so from this screen by clicking on the Enter Text Message button.  From here you can edit text previously entered through the “Assoc File”, or add new text.  The easy formatting bar at the top of the screen allows you to choose your font, or even add bullet points or numbered lists.

Don’t forget to save your changes, by pressing the green save button at the bottom of the screen!

You also have the ability to insert graphic advertisements on the statement.  Upload from this screen by clicking on the Upload Advertisement button, here.  The ad you provide must be a high quality jay-peg image of a specific size.   The specifications are outlined on the website here, underneath the “Upload Advertisement (JPG)” button.

Once again, don’t forget to save your work!

When you are satisfied with your message, click on the Place Order button, and you’re done!

Be sure to write down your Order ID number, so you can check the status of your order on the My Order History portion of the website.


Thanks for letting us show you how easy it is to place an order for SouthData’s Associa FlexBill Statements.  We hope you found this guide useful.  Please stop by (branch office) again to learn what else SouthData can do for you!