The Miscreants

The League of Miscreants is my sketch comedy troupe. We specialize in roasting fictional characters: Piglet, Santa Claus, Batman, Cinderella, etc. The roasts are no holds barred, in accordance with Friar’s Club tradition, and have been huge smash hits at the Chicago Fringe Festival every year we’ve done them. We were even recruited to put “The Roast of Santa Claus” on at a local theater. The reviews have been outstanding — Time Out Chicago loved both “The Roast of Piglet” and “The Roast of Santa Claus,” and the latter even got a nice plug on Windy City Live, a morning magazine program on local TV.

I’m also pretty proud of our marketing efforts. ¬†Below are the “commercials” from last year’s Christmas show, below that, the poster for the show, and below those, the “teaser” poster for our newest show, the all-female “Roast of Cinderella”.