I’m currently the food columnist for “The Nervous Breakdown,” a west-coast-based e-zine with a monthly circulation of 65,000.

These are some of the independent food pieces I’ve written.

Purple Reign – an immersion account of playing Professional Banquet Cook for a night, Iron Chef-style.  (Published in the 2011 edition of the “Best Food Writing” anthology.)

Whisky Rebellion – on-the-ground coverage of Chicago’s WhiskyFest.   Published in the Chicago Journal.

The Old Man And The Space – A memoir of four years of night classes at Columbia College.   Published in the literary journal South Loop Review.

Seven Worthy Sins – Vice-based travel suggestions.  Published in the Columbia College continuing education student publication.

Roll Call – How it came to pass that I got fat.  Published by Intrepid Media, and used as a handout in the weight-loss clinic at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Veteran Leadership – Advice to men tasked with standing up in a wedding.   Out for publication.

Isaiah 11:6 – A dual- (and duelling-) perspective account of a half-hour in Vegas.  (With Sarah Alban.)